Framing of children care during the demonstration on 11.20.2015 and recruitment of children into a group of armed force.


The celebration of the International Children’s Day right on 11.20.2015.

Boga in the international day of children’s rights was celebrated as provided for under the above program after:

9 hoo: Arrival of children and school officials, child committee and RECOPE.
9 h 20: Arrival of guests and different representatives from each NGO finds himself BOGA.
9 h 40: Arrival administrative authorities of the politico-military
9 h 45: Start of activities by the national anthem.
Hoo 10: The different speeches in connection with the day and awareness.
Words circumstances of the child committee chairman.
Words circumstance by the president of RECOPE.
The poems of the children of PE EPAIBO, MALAYA, KINYANDJODJO.
The dialogue on the right of the child by the Rubingo institute
Presentation STAFF / PROTECTION and presentation of the project in southern Irumu by the Head Protection technology.
Head Protection technology.
Words circumstances by various representatives of NGOs (MSF, Save to children).
Chief speech.
Theatre students from the institute MALAYA with the main theme early marriage.
Sketch of students in Bikima Institute with the theme prevention against HIV / AIDS and SGBV / abuse 1612
Refresh invitation
Theaters, poems and skits by various schools.
14 h oo: Gift discount to qualified schools.

14 oo pm: End of the event.

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